PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release October 3, 2001
Minneapolis, MN: Avtech Marketing, Inc. Manufacturer of Ground-Link introduced at the recent NASAO Conference in Albuquerque, NM the first voice activated, voice recognition, digital Ground Communications Outlet, called Ground-Link VA. 

This product is more user-friendly than the analog GCOs on the market. There is no multiple clicking of the mic. The pilot selects the GCO frequency and "keys" the mic once on the airplane’s communications radio. The system asks the pilot which ATC facility they want to contact, ATC or FSS. The pilot can either answer by voice or key clicks. When the facility answers, the system announces to the facility which airport is calling. Communications is then established, all without getting out of the pilot’s seat. 

No additional equipment is needed in the aircraft or at the Air Traffic Control facility. If the pilot has questions on the use of Ground-Link VA, the system can give a tutorial. The system ships complete with all components, including antenna and cabling for a complete installation. Ground-Link VA has the capability to give instructions on its use, any message or announcement by programming a flash card.

With the use of Ground-Link VA, the pilot no longer has to rush the pre-flight or crucial run-up to make the "void if not off by" situation at most non-towered fields. This system also saves time with the pilot being able to close their flight plan by notifying ATC when they have landed, thereby effectively opening the airport for the next approach. 

The small inside unit 3.5"h x 8"d x 19"w will fit any FBO bookshelf or counter. 

The best applications for this system is at lower traffic airports or where special communications needs may exist. 

Ground-Link VA is extremely cost-effective to the national airspace system as an alternative to dedicated remote transmitter/receiver facilities. It has been estimated that the acquisition of this type of system will be approximately 15% of the cost of the RCO. Annual operating expenses are only the telephone line and electricity. This equates to a cost saving of 75% or more over a dedicated facility.

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